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A better relationship

Just because investing is about taking risks, doesn’t mean it has to be risky. Whist you will always be exposed to inherent risks in your journey these should not be as a result of poor experience and engagement.

At AlphaMolly we believe that investing should be a more transparent experience. We consider it our religion and philosophy, and take pride in how we make the complex simple to deliver a more engaging customer experience.


Experience enabling outcomes

We have a deep seated belief that user experience has a significant impact on your engagement and relationship with your investments.

Investing is complex and stressful enough, so we’ve rethought user experience to make sure its not the platform that blocks your performance.

Designed to put you in control

We pride ourselves by enabling complex processes through intuitive design.

Our UX design philosophy focuses on intuitive design that is simple to use.

We strive to deliver an inclusive experience that empowers everyone to take control of their financial future.

Always by your side

Stay safe in the know that Molly is always looking out for you, keeping an eye on your investments even when you’re not logged in.

Nothing artificial about our intelligence

Whilst Molly may not be allowed to advise you on the merits or pitfalls of your investment decisions, Molly is a breed like no other.

We utilise artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to learn how you use Molly and to identify functionality from which we think you will benefit.

Molly helps you develop your skills and makes sure you know how to get the maximum from her amazing capabilities.

Beauty more than skin deep

We know that out of the box Molly is engaging place to progress your financial journey, but the ability to personalise your dashboards gives you the ability to see what you want when you want.

Enjoy our library of dashboards, or design your own. Just like the pest of the platform, Molly is there to guide you through the process.

Seamlessly integrated

Our seamless integration into favourite platforms ensures we are always in sync with your portfolio.

Every transaction automatically synchronises with Molly, reducing the pain of having to manually copy your data between platforms, ensuring Molly is always on the lookout for you.

We listen

We don’t build without listening.

We openly welcome your feedback on our user experience believing that it enables us to build a better product.

Financial literacy

Molly’s there to help

We never underestimate the importance of your understanding of financial concepts, quite the opposite!

Our view is that it shouldn’t matter whether you are a novice or experienced investor. Molly makes sure that you have all the information on hand to develop and extend your financial literacy.

Learn by doing

We believe in a practical approach to learning. Our approach does not mean that that we suggest you take risk unknowingly.

During every step of your investing journey we have contextual learnings that help you understand what you are doing, both in the terms of explaining what things mean, but also helping you understand how to take advantage of Molly.

Whether it is step by step guides or our brief explainer videos, we have insights that make sure you step forward in better understanding the risks that may present themselves.

Talks your language

There is nothing more frustrating than the use of language that makes you feel like an investing imposter.

We use language everyone can understand and provide proper explains ensuring its not the jargon that blocks your performance.

Keeping you in control you can choose whether to see the technical or jargon free explains.

Turn over to have a look at how Molly make this easier for you...

Grow your confidence

Imagine investing is like learning to ride a bike. At first, you might be wobbly and unsure. But as you gain confidence and experience, you can navigate challenges more easily and enjoy the ride.

It's important to remember that confidence doesn't mean being fearless. It's about understanding the risks involved, having a solid plan, and trusting your ability to make informed decisions.

Molly helps you become a confident investor knowing that a wealth of knowledge comes from a knowledge of wealth.

Build a better relationship with your investments
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