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We believe that everyone is capable of acheiving great things.
Be part of the Human Capital that enables us to succeed.

What we look for

About us

We are a financial engineering technology company and have a passion for technology and what it can achieve.

We are fanatically driven by a challenge and strive for excellence in everything that we do.

Our culture focuses on results, not the number of hours you are seen sitting behind a desk.

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Dream. Explore. Soar.

About you

Do you have ability to analyze complex situations, identify challenges and obstacles, and devising effective and innovative solutions. Think you have the answer, push harder and deeper and deliver impact.

Get it done, be the best, rise to the top. Ambition is nothing without results.

Why work for us?

We may be an early stage startup but we are growing fast. We strive to create a positive and inclusive work environment that allows us to attract exceptional talent.

#1 Rise to the Challenge

We know that working in an early stage startup is not for everyone. We're a fast-paced and growing company, so you'll never be bored, and encourages everyone step outside their comfort zone. We will challenge you but we believe that everyone we hire is capable of achieving incredible things.

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#2 Stand out

We embrace difference believing that it enables us to deliver a better product.

Entrenched in our journey is that we learn and understand our customers recognising their difference, the way we see it is that no two investors are the same. We apply the same to our selection process as we are all investors.

Come onboard and you'll soon learn that we won't let those moments of excellence go unnoticed. We recognise that those who truly stand out should be acknowledged and receive both the credit and recognition for their contributions.

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#3 Benefits & Rewards

Whilst we are a startup we are not forgetting the value of your contribution to our success. We are committed to offering all our talent the opportunity to own a stake in our business. We are a casual work environment with location flexibility. Help us succeed and we’ll commit to extending the package of benefits on offer making AlphaMolly the last company that you will want to work for.

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How we recruit

Are you passionate about making a difference in the world? We are too! We keep our hiring process simple posting all our jobs on Wellfound and LinkedIn. We take the time to review all candidate submissions ourselves, believing that we are the only team that can identify the perfect mutual fit. We don’t deal with agencies.

Hiring process



Search our open positions and find a role that will uncover your passion, remember to stand out in your application. We aim to get back to you within two weeks but because of the volume of applications we can’t get always back to everyone.



Our hiring managers screen your applications to assess the mutual fit. If everything looks great the hiring manager will reach out to you to schedule and interview. Note that if the position you are applying for is a technical role you may be required to complete a technical assessment.



Once the screening has determined that you are a good fit for the role, the hiring manager will reach out to schedule an initial interview. This call will be 45-60 minutes and will dive into your background, the role and team here at AlphaMolly, as well as any questions you might have about what success looks like at our company.


Team Interview

Depending on the role and team you are interviewing with, the “Team Interview” will take place with 2-4 individuals over the course of several days. This allows you to gain a clear understanding of what the day to day might look like in your new role, and to get a feel for the folks you’ll be working with.



Congratulations, we want to work together! The hiring manager will reach out to chat with you about offer details (compensation, potential start date, any outlying questions and concerns). All details will be laid out precisely and clearly, so you feel equipped to make your decision.

Unleash your passion

Search our open positions

Checkout our open roles on Wellfound or LinkedIn

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