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We want to change the relationship you have with your investments, enabling you to get back time, and maximise your performance.

We know that most investors find it difficult to make confident investment decisions. For an average investor, finding the time everyday to dig out the required facts and insights from an endless universe of websites and apps, is nearly impossible.

We don’t think it needs to be that way, we see the world differently.

The vision and belief of the team behind AlphaMolly believe that everyone should have easy, affordable, access to the facts and insights that will enable them to make informed decisions.

What we do

We prioritize delivering precise, timely, and reliable information to enhance your investment decision-making process while fostering financial awareness without requiring extreme time commitments on your part.


Empower yourself with undeniable and trusted facts about your investments, unlocking the vital data necessary to make astute and informed decisions in the world of investments.

Turn over to learn about how we explain facts.


With the tools and information we offer, you can gain valuable insights and no longer feel excluded from the financial and investment realm.

Get back time

Let us handle the heavy lifting while you reclaim your time to indulge in life's pleasures, free from the burden of financial concerns.

Things we don’t do

We offer a service aimed at granting you greater control. We refrain from advising or soliciting transactions; the decision to act on the information provided is always yours.
  • Advice

    • We refrain from providing financial advice or favoring any specific asset or security.
    • Additionally, we do not receive commissions from any company to endorse their stocks, funds, or other securities.
  • Trade execution

    • We do not provide brokerage services for securities transactions.
    • We do not maintain any preferential agreements with brokers to endorse their platforms.
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