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Using cutting-edge data analysis Horizons unlocks hidden potential across markets and assets, empowering you to discover the most promising investment opportunities, tailored to your unique goals.


Know your game plan

Making you aware of the next fantastic opportunity is Molly’s priority. That’s why Molly goes that little bit further to always keep you up to date with all the latest developments.


Defining your strategy can be a tricky proposition. After all there is so much information out there about investments that are making great returns it’s often difficult to know what to focus on.


It is impossible to sift through millions of securities available and choose the right investments that are aligned to your objective.

Our Horizons engine helps you to overcome your limitations and does the job for you.

Your objective

Defining your investment strategy helps to easily identify relevant assets to invest. A retired pensioner will look for capital preservation and steady income where as a young person can take on risks and invest in volatile assets such as cryptocurrencies.


Finding opportunities

Confidently identify the right investment opportunities you care about, by setting your own rules about how you want your investments to grow, however simple or complex your goals.


Identifying the right investments needn’t be a challenge. At AlphaMolly we recognise that every investor that uses our platform will have their own objectives, goals and ethical standards, as well as tolerances and appetite for risk. It doesn’t matter how simple or complex your requirements, we'll help you define a investment horizons that matches your personal profile.

Getting you going

Molly keeps it simple. Build your first horizon by answering some simple questions, or choose from pre-defined Horizons libraries and make the changes that work for you.

Always prepared

Build your rules across any of the attributes over our vast data model and pinpoint those opportunities that take your investment strategy to the stratospheric level.

Because nothing is constant in the world of investing, build as many Horizons as you need enabling you to identify the right opportunities under differing market conditions.

Tax wrappers

Tax wrappers provide avenues for investment through accounts that provide certain safeguards against capital gains tax.

Molly enables you to tailor your Horizons with certain parameters, such as asset type, jurisdiction, and tax treatment.

Asset Coverage

Horizons works on multiple asset classes. Whether you are looking to invest in Stocks, ETF's, Cryptocurrencies or Mutual Funds; it is very easy to find that next golden opportunity

Market Coverage

Horizons identifies the opportunities across assets listed on different exchanges or regions and jurisdictions.


Stay in the know

Making you aware of the next fantastic opportunity is Molly’s priority. That’s why Molly goes that little bit further to always keep you up to date with all the latest developments.


Just like our furry best friends that are always looking out for us, Molly never leaves your side.

Always alert and never sleeps.

Targeted insights

The markets are constantly changing, which means that your horizons are constantly changing too.

As soon as something happens that could affect your horizon, Molly lets you know.

After all, a breaking news story, new legislation, an event, or undisclosed fund management information can impact the profitability of these securities and potentially your portfolio.

Dynamic not static

Molly always watches and also lets you know when securities drop out of your horizons.

She’ll even warn you if something you are invested in no-longer meets your personal investment criteria so that you can take immediate action.

Molly has a nose for what’s out there.

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