The future is smart investing

Empowering a new generation of investors

We give investors confidence by giving them the facts and help identify the right opportunities enabling smart investment decisions.

We create better investors.

A platform, investors can trust. Focus on growth, confidently trade, manage, and monitor all your investments

  • We calculate your portfolio performance so you can track growth
  • We’ll tell you what’s contributing to growth and losses
  • Optimise your portfolio by tracking performance against benchmarks and constituent peers
  • No need to log in, we do the monitoring for you
  • In real time, we’ll tell you when you need to review your investments
  • Define your own alerts so you are always in control
  • We’ll continuously trawl through the data to identify investment opportunities based on your criteria
  • Create virtual portfolios to test trading strategies
  • Save money. Consolidate your investments in one platform
  • Transparent flat fees, no percentage commission
  • Permit IFAs access to your investments to provide professional advice
  • Trade across all major and emerging asset classes and exchanges

We’ve been really busy building our prototype.

Shifting Expectations

Self-directing Millennials raised on technology and Google, expect instant answers. Platforms are not ready!



  • By 2025 75% of the global workforce will be millennials
  • Millennials are set to inherit an estimated US $68 trillion within 25 years
  • Today ~180m Millennials in UK & EU alone

Self Investing

  • Investors are choosing to go it alone, transitioning away from advisors
  • Use of digital online tools set to increase

Automated Choices

  • 78% of all Investors are ready to accept automated investment choices
  • McKinsey forecasts that by 2030, up to 80% of US clients will access a Netflix style model
  • Accenture 2017 investor survey confirms readiness to move to GAFA model

Massive opportunity to onboard tech savvy generation to Alphamolly