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At AlphaMolly our tools and fact based approach help you track your performance easily by: Identifying those unexpected losses that can drag on performance, understand the growth of your portfolio against the underlying performance of your investments.

Track & Manage your growth

We know that it is difficult to stay on track if you do not know how well your portfolios are performing.

Understanding your investment performance, not just the valuation of your individual holdings, will enable you to make better decisions and keep yourself on track with your investment objectives.

Know your true performance

Most investment platforms typically display your portfolio's performance as a straightforward profit and loss.

However, this portrayal often excludes certain fees such as account maintenance fees, transaction fees for buying and selling securities, management charges for mutual funds, and dividends received.

We calculate “Total Return” which allows you to see the true performance of your investments, including fees and income.

Set your objective

Defining an investment goal is crucial. Whether your aim is to save for a house deposit, pay off student debt, or build a decent retirement fund, setting a clearly defined objective will enable us to help you track your performance more effectively, providing you with the insights you need to stay on track

Stay on track

Track portfolio performance against your objective. Whether it's to beat the inflation or to have a steady fixed income, you can easily see how your investments are performing.

Take advantage of our configurable traffic light indicators to let you know when you’re off track.

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Whats holding you back

Get clear understanding of the contribution of your investments to the overall portfolio growth and understand:

  • Are constituent peers performing better or worse than your investment
  • Which investments are dragging on your performance
  • What’s driving the performance of your investments, e.g. FX contribution

Know your liquidity, trust your analytics

Understanding the speed and accessibility of liquidating investments can be challenging, but crucial.

Equally important is grasping the concentration or diversification level of your portfolio to make informed decisions for maximizing growth through strategic allocation


The unpredictability of what lies ahead highlights the importance of having access to your funds when needed.

Liquidity determines how quickly you can convert your assets into cash, including the complex transactional terms crucial for mutual fund investors.

Asset allocation & exposure analysis

Track the asset allocation and portfolio exposure over a time period to review the changes in your portfolio from both market moves and your investment decisions, ensuring it aligns with your objectives and remains balanced.

View portfolio exposure analysis across various dimensions; Currency, Industry, Sector, ESG, Market Cap; its up to you to decide what matters.

Key ratios

Utilizing technical indicators like the Sharpe ratio, Tracking Error, Standard Deviation, Alpha, and more provides insights into your portfolio's performance relative to a benchmark, guiding you in evaluating the effectiveness of your investment strategy

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Active Monitoring

Just because you don’t have time, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be in the know.

With Active Monitoring you can define whatever rules matter to you and Molly will let you know whenever any of your rules are breached.


Validate every decision

Understanding the impact of your investment decisions is not easy. Sandbox gives investors the ability to review the impact of past decisions, and safely assess the potential impact of new decisions.

Validate your decisions

We know that the best way to learn is by doing, but you don’t learn if you can’t review those past decisions.

Sandbox recalibrates performance and risk metrics, enabling you to compare historical investment decisions effortlessly and evaluate the potential outcomes if no action had been taken.

Sandbox helps you understand the outcomes of your decisions helping you to feel more confident in your next.

Pre-trade impact

We never underestimate the importance of your next investment decision.

Whilst we can't predict the future it doesn't mean that we can't help you understand the initial impact of your decision.

Evaluate your choice and observe its effects.

Virtual decision sandbox

With every decision comes uncertainty.

Sandbox gives you the ability to create a virtual version of your portfolio and assess the impact until you are ready to action your decision.

Grow confident in your decision making.

Review your cost basis

Evaluate the impact of changing cost basis on your P&L for those of you in jurisdictions that allow configuring different cost basis, reassess your parameters like cost basis.

The ability to analyse the impact of adjustments on your realised profit and loss will help you to analyse the different scenarios for optimising the tax efficiency of your portfolios.


Awareness that matters

Whilst the facts tell you as it is, they are not a predictor of the future. Insightful research adds value to your your investment decisions.

Insights are highly targeted and always in sync with your portfolio and investments. No need to reset notification preferences, Molly updates automatically based on your portfolio holdings and keeps you in the know.

Investment research and recommendations

In depth research and analyst recommendations from trusted and verified sources.

Social analytics

Increasingly we see the world of social media having an impact on the price movement of different assets. Our social analytics will tell you how these social media posts affect the investments

Insights, people discussing investments

Peer sentiment

Understand the sentiment of other people about the companies and securities in your portfolio.

Fundamentals & people

Access the economic and financial data for a company and know the key people that manage it's growth.

Take control of your performance
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