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Take emotion out of investing

We see investing differently. It is not simply a decision to buy or sell a security, it is a process that requires constant tracking and monitoring so that you can stay on track.

We understand that it’s not easy to find the time to identify the facts & insights that enable confident investment decisions.

Molly’s core capabilities simplify investing, give back time, and empower everyone to take control of their financial future.

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Platform Core

Molly’s toolkit

At AlphaMolly we believe that investing should be a more transparent experience. Everyone should have the opportunity to clearly understand how to build their wealth and accurately calculate what is truly delivering value to their portfolio.

The core of Molly’s delivers capabilities that will enable every investor to take control of their financial future and protect the growth of their investments.

Every personal user, accessing through a brokerage or exchange, gets free access to the performance toolkit. Its free forever!


Stay on track

Our tools and fact based approach help you to easily track your performance by: Identifying those unexpected losses that can drag on performance, understand the growth of your portfolio against the underlying performance of your investments.


Seek every opportunity

Unlock the hidden potential across markets and assets, discovering the most promising investment opportunities, tailored to your unique goals.

Active Monitoring

Get back time

With Molly you can monitor your portfolio and investments in real-time, you set your risk appetite and tolerances while receiving immediate alerts on anything that could affect your investments.


A better relationship

Everyone welcome

Just because investing is about taking risks, doesn’t mean it has to be risky. Whist you will always be exposed to inherent risks in your journey these should not be as a result of poor experience and engagement.

At AlphaMolly we believe that investing should be a more transparent experience. We consider it our religion and philosophy, and take pride in how we make the complex simple to deliver a more engaging customer experience.

Take control of your performance
Built for you. Take advantage of the worlds most advanced platform investor toolkit.