Track and protect your growth

The reason you invest is to grow your wealth. At AlphaMolly our tools and approach help you to manage your portfolio, minimise the unexpected losses that can drag on performance, giving you the best opportunity to achieve your investment goals. We make it simple to understand the growth of your portfolio against the underlying performance of your investments.

Set your investment goals

Defining an investment goal is crucial. Whether your aim is to save for a house deposit, pay off student debt, or build a decent retirement fund, setting a clearly defined objective will enable us to help you track your performance more effectively, providing you with the insights you need to stay on track. You can even set different goals for different portfolios.

Setting an investment goal couldn’t be easier. You decide your goals. This could be tracking a market index, a security, an economic indicator such as inflation, or simply setting an annual percentage return.

Remember, it’s your choice, and you’re in control.

Track your true performance

As investors, you will typically hold securities for a longer time horizon than those who typically conduct buy/sell transactions for short term gains.  Since you hold your investments for longer time horizons your performance is impacted by fees, income and typically dividends. That’s why we calculate “Total Return“ which allows you to see the true performance of your investments, including fees and income.

The platform not only provides the tools to easily monitor your portfolio performance over time but also helps identify those holdings that positively and negatively impact the performance of your portfolio.  This combined with the peer analysis available on the platform will help you make the changes to your portfolio required to maintain peak performance.

  • Stay on track monitoring your portfolios performance vs. performance of your chosen benchmark
  • Overlay events to assess what has impacted the value of individual holdings
  • Track the drivers of value in your portfolio
  • Utilise contribution analysis to make informed decisions
  • Peers analytics enables you to validate your investment decisions

Know your liquidity, trust your analytics


Mutual funds often have complex dealing terms. This means you cannot always get your money back instantly which is often not fully understood by investors. This could mean missing out on the next great investment opportunity or in the event of unforeseen circumstances selling your assets and getting the cash back.

Our Portfolio liquidity feature shows you how much time it would take to close your positions enabling you to plan in advance your
investment decisions.


Understand how your portfolio assets are allocated across various Sectors, Regions, Industries and Currencies. We also provide the look through to underlying holdings for ETF’s, Mutual funds or other collective investments giving you a detailed picture of the portfolio exposure to individual instruments.

Technical indicators such as Sharpe ratio, Tracking Error, Standard Deviation, Alpha helps you understand how your portfolio is performing against a benchmark and whether you have the correct investment strategy.

Making it simple

Molly provides simple explanations to help you learn and understand the complex jargon in the world of investing enabling you to make informed investment decisions.

Molly works hard to simplify tracking your performance with clear traffic light indicators based on your requirements.

  • Our portfolio Drift indicator helps you quickly understand how you are performing overall verses your investment goals
  • Investment Drag helps you to easily identify which holdings are holding back your performance
  • Stay in control by setting the criteria you want Molly to track

Red or amber, simply click on the indicator and Molly tells you what she’s sniffed out. All in real-time, keeping you fully in control and in the game.