We’re on a mission to create a generation of confident investors. By giving them the facts and helping to identify the right opportunities we enable smart investment decisions.

Our epiphany

Based in London, our team were brought together by a vision to build an investor platform that gives everyone the ability to achieve lifetime financial security.

The investing world is undergoing a massive shift as investors increasingly choose a self-direct investing model transitioning from traditional advisor managed investing of previous generations.

Self-directed investing isn’t easy, or without risk. It’s easy to make a trade, and even easier to make a loss. We believe that investors need to be informed and enabled with the right tools and insights that allows them to make great investment decisions.

That’s why we’re committed to delivering a Wealth Analytics platform that goes beyond market access to transform the way you invest.

Shifting expectations

Self-directing millennials raised on technology and Google, expect instant answers. Platforms are not ready!


Potential Customers

By 2025 75% of the global workforce are forecast to be millennials. Within 25 years they are set to inherit an estimated US $68 trillion.


Self Directed

Millennials describe themselves as self-directed. Investors are choosing to go it alone,  with 42% already transitioned from advisors to digital online only services. Self directing is growing.


Automated Choices

78% of Investors are ready to accept automation in the delivery of investment choices. By 2030, up to 80% of US clients are forecast to access a Netflix style model.

Our approach

Democratisation goes beyond market access

Early in our journey we understood that investors and traders should not be treated the same. Investors, typically buy and hold assets over a longer time horizon, vs traders who buy and sell seeking short term gains. We decided to focus on investors.

The growth in self direction and the readiness to accept automated choices made it clear that “one-size fits all” platform approach doesn’t work. No two investors should be treated the same, that’s why we’re focusing being personal. Alphamolly is a platform built for self-directing investors, that tunes itself to needs of each and every investor to deliver an exceptionally unique personalised experience.

We’re making it easy for investors to manage their investments, get back time, and maximise their performance. Investing made simple.

More than a team

Experienced at the core, determined to enable everyone to achieve their investing objectives.

Jake Griffith

Jake Griffith


18+ years’ experience in banking, hedge funds and asset management. Jake has a passion for exploiting data, technology and UX to enable better investment decisions.

Prashant Patil


15+ years of experience across asset management and investment banking, Prashant is passionate about helping people achieve their financial goals.

Ketan Soni


A technologist at heart with 20+ years investment banking and technology expertise position Ketan perfectly to drive the technical direction of Alphamolly.