Stay future proof with active monitoring

Without the facts, you’ll never be in the know. Molly understands that with knowledge comes confidence. Constantly alert, Molly digs out the real-time information that allows you to improve your knowledge, competence and your expertise in financial markets. Together with Molly you can become a more confident investor.

Always on the lookout

We get it. Time is money and there’s never enough of both. Molly recognises this and works 24 hours a day to make sure you’re kept aware of the all the events that could impact your financial future.

You decide how you want your alerts delivered and in what format. Email, SMS, Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal, Viber or via our app. It’s up to you.

Make no bones about it, Molly’s got your back.

Barking up the right trees

Sometimes it’s hard to see the wood from the trees. Not with Molly. Get the right information at the right time, all the time, so that you can make informed decisions about your investments every time.

For us monitoring means more than simple market price moves.  Set alerts on individual securities, financials, global markets, the next big IPO, key personnel, social media, economic data or even specific news topics. The depth and breadth of insight that Molly provides is both far-reaching and at your command, providing you with all the information you need to build your knowledge and grow your confidence.

Need something a little more complex, not a problem. Our alerting engine is rule based. You can build you own custom alerts using multiple criteria. The capabilities are limitless giving experienced investors unique insights never seen before on an investor platform.

Know where to look with alerting that’s all in one place, fully customisable, and simple to use, Molly is there for you.

At your command

With great power comes great responsibility. So, it’s important to us that you are always in control of the information you receive.

When you join AlphaMolly your default alerts are pre-configured based upon our machine learning algorithms which are continually learning how users configure, react and respond to alerts. Don’t worry though, we keep it easy for you to view your alerts and you can reconfigure them at any time, turn them off, or even set your own priorities.

There will be no information overload with us though as you can configure any alert to be delivered on a frequency that works for you, or even aggregate them into a single daily or weekly message. Naturally, there are times when things don’t go according to plan. When markets turn volatile, we’ll make you are aware of what’s happening so that you can protect your investments and turn an adverse situation into an opportunity. If the alerts become too frequent simply mute the alert and set a time when you want it to re-activate.

Take command of your investments by making the complex simple.