Integrate with AlphaMolly wealth analytics

Every investor deserves immediate access to the facts and insights that enable confident investment decisions. With AlphaMolly wealth analytics, your customers will get the complete understanding of their portfolio performance and factors affecting its growth.

We offer access to our analytics dashboards and APIs enabling your customers to gain the benefit of our wealth analytics.

Partnering with us will help to boost your platform by generating more engagement with your existing customers and enhances your platform’s value proposition to attract new users.

Maximising performance for your clients

It’s the detail that makes the real difference. Investors understand that there is a difference between performance and growth but accessing these facts is often difficult. AlphaMolly’s rich dashboards tailored to your clients  portfolio will enable them to understand the true drivers of value in their portfolios. We make it easier for your customers to understand the data.

  • Enable customers to understand their portfolio performance including identifying which assets are contributing to growth and crucially which are lowering overall performance.
  • Time-shift performance to track the historical contribution of portfolio holdings
  • Portfolio liquidity, asset allocation, and key ratios
  • Performance overlays, news, cashflows, and dividends

Benefits of integrating with Alphamolly APIs

Give your customers access to cutting edge wealth analytics enabling them to be better informed, more alert, and in control of their investment decisions. With advanced analytics, customers will gain confidence and manage their investments efficiently resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

  • Extend your competitive advantage in the platforms market place
  • Improve the level of customer engagement on the platform
  • Increase the appeal of your platform to new customers

Integration kept simple

To make integration seamless, we give you access to Alphamolly’s Analytics Dashboard UI components to embed into your existing web front ends.  The UI components are already wired to connect to Alphamolly’s backend services simplifying integration further.  We can also give you access to our APIs if you are after a more bespoke UI experience.  All communication uses secure REST protocols and we will only need data relating to the portfolio composition and no customer personal data.

  • Requires little integration effort, up and running in 30 days
  • Our teams are also available to help you on your integration journey ensuring a smooth transition to using our APIs
  • Secure cloud platform
  • Language agnostic

Ready to integrate, lets talk

Lets work together to build communities of engaged investors enabled with the facts and insight powered by the wealth analytics of AlphaMolly.