Personalise your investment horizons

Identifying the right investments needn’t be a challenge. At Alphamolly we recognise that every investor that uses our platform will have their own objectives, goals and ethical standards, as well as tolerances and appetite for risk. It doesn’t matter how simple or complex your requirements, we’ll help you define a investment horizons that matches your personal profile so that you’re always confident in making the right investment decisions.

Horizons is the most sophisticated investment screening process available on any platform and will help you to identify the opportunities across multiple assets and markets that you‘ll want to know about.

Define your strategy

Defining your strategy can be a tricky proposition.  After all there is so much information out there about investments that are making great returns it’s often difficult to know what to focus on. Build your rules across any of the attributes over our vast data model and pinpoint those opportunities that take your investment strategy to the stratospheric level.

Molly keeps it simple. Build your first horizon by answering some simple questions, or choose from pre-defined Horizons libraries and make the changes that work for you.

Because nothing is constant in the world of investing, build as many Horizons as you need enabling you to identify the right opportunities under differing market conditions.


Monitor your horizons

Making you aware of the next fantastic opportunity is Molly’s priority. That’s why Molly goes that little bit further to always keep you up to date with all the latest developments.

The markets are constantly changing, which means that your horizons are constantly changing too. As soon as something happens that could affect your horizon, Molly lets you know. After all, a breaking news story, new legislation, an event, or undisclosed fund management information can impact the profitability of these securities and your portfolio.

Molly will also let you know when something you have invested in enters or drops out of your horizon so you’re constantly aware and can take immediate action, Molly has a nose for what’s out there.