Our story

Based in London, our team came together through our collective frustration of traditional investment platforms.  We often found that these platforms did not offer the required features to enable decision making in our individual investments, or where there was a plethora of information available it was often untargeted and difficult to digest.  None of this data was tailored to our varying needs or our different preferences.

It was difficult to see clearly and quickly in one place how our investments were doing.  Often poorly researched losses could have been minimised if we had the ability to take corrective action sooner (sometimes these happened when we were in meetings, morning workshops or out grabbing lunch!

We believe all investors should be enabled through the democratisation of investment data (by making investment data accessible to everyone).

Our approach

While many platforms provided a plethora of data their primary focus remains heavily on trade execution. Whilst execution remains important, added features to support the varying and growing needs of different investors are missing.

Tuning requirements to different investors make business sense. There are many who are not seeking a “one-size fits all” approach to investment insights. Traditional players are also overlooking the rapid changes taking place or reacting slower than anticipated.

Through our varying experiences and seeking feedback from a variety of investors, we spent time brainstorming, modelling and developing AlphaMolly. It encompasses what we believed a great investment platform would look like.

Our Journey


2020, with the onset of the Covid pandemic,  has proven to be very challenging year. Recognising the size and scope of the problem that we are looking to resolve we chose to spend much of the year focusing on building out our prototype, validating our data model, defining our target state architecture, and understanding the business model that we would enable us to transform from a prototype platform into a functioning organisation.

We are immensely proud with what we have achieved over the last year, and now find ourselves in the position to step up to the next phase in our plan and become the organisation that delivers the industry leading investor platform.


2021, subject to funding, is set to be a mammoth year for us.

Our primary focus over the coming months will be to mobilise a team of engineers to build out our core platform supporting equities, ETFs, currencies (fiat & cryptos), and mutual funds.

In parallel we will be assembling business teams to progress UK regulatory approval, and to develop our customer engagement strategy.

This is just a snippet of the great things that we have in the pipeline. We have a huge backlog of features that we intend to deliver enabling our customers on their journey as smart investors.

If you would like to find out more about how we intend to develop Alphamolly, our roadmap, and investment opportunities, drop us a message and let’s catch up for a virtual coffee, or perhaps even a face to face should the Covid situation have subsided sufficiently.