Our story

Based in London, our team came together through our collective frustration of traditional investment platforms.  We often found that these platforms did not offer the required features to enable decision making in our individual investments, or where there was a plethora of information available it was often untargeted and difficult to digest.  None of this data was tailored to our varying needs or our different preferences.

It was difficult to see clearly and quickly in one place how our investments were doing.  Often poorly researched losses could have been minimised if we had the ability to take corrective action sooner (sometimes these happened when we were in meetings, morning workshops or out grabbing lunch!

We believe all investors should be enabled through the democratisation of investment data (by making investment data accessible to everyone).

Our approach

We recognise that the needs to investors and traders are not the same.

While many platforms provided a plethora of data their primary focus remains heavily on trade execution. Whilst execution remains important, added features to support the varying and growing needs of different investors are missing.

Tuning requirements to different investors make business sense. There are many who are not seeking a “one-size fits all” approach to investment insights. Traditional players are also overlooking the rapid changes taking place or reacting slower than anticipated.

Through our varying experiences and seeking feedback from a variety of investors, we spent time brainstorming, modelling and developing AlphaMolly. It encompasses what we believed a great investment platform would look like.

More than a team

Experienced at the core, determined to enable everyone to achieve their investing objectives.

Prashant Patil


With over 15 years of experience across asset management and investment banking, Prashant is passionate about helping people achieve their financial goals.

Jake Griffith

Jake Griffith


18+ years’ experience in banking, hedge funds and asset management. Jake has a passion for exploiting data, technology and UX to enable better investment decisions.

Ketan Soni


A technologist at heart with 20+ years investment banking and technology expertise position Ketan well to drive the technical direction of Alphamolly.